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Emilie Parker -- artist

...can art solve society's ills? 

Art, be it poetry, music, sculpture, puppetry -- 

the whole if it, inspires change on a personal level 

rather than a global one.  

This is important because the individual is the whole.  

The creation of art argues that 

people are connected, 

ideas are connected, 

the past and future are connected 

by this moment." Jamaal May, poet


My work encompases sculpture in ceramics, paintings and functional ceramics. My art is about connectedness.  Our love of nature, of color, of art connects us.


My friend Virginia took me to an incredible Ziggy Marley performance at Chataqua in Boulder last year.  That night his music jolted the crowd right out of their chairs.  I was out of my chair, dancing in the isles, every muscle  -  every body in Chataqua dancing and moving.  Hearts and minds and bodies responding the vibrations, words and phrases of connection, love and redemption.  When I woke up the next day I wanted to create that kind of connectedness in clay.  Our loves connect us.  We love the land and nature, words and stories, colors, textures, rhythms, goodness and truth.  




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